Terms and Conditions

1. General Information

This training is particularly suitable for those who already have knowledge of medicine, bodywork and/or energetic work or, those who are practitioners in these fields (e.g. physiotherapists, massage therapists, doctors, VortexHealing® practitioners etc).

2. Practice of Craniosacral Therapy – Legal Notice

If you are intending to practice craniosacral therapy in your home country, it is your responsibility to be aware of, and meet the appropriate legal requirements of  each country’s medical and/or alternative-health professional frameworks.   For example, in the Federal Republic of Germany, craniosacral therapy may currently only be practised by doctors and `heilpraktiker´ (which translates as a `qualified healing practitioner´).  Elke Angermann takes no responsibility as to whether the content and/or format of this course will be sufficient to meet such legal and professional requirements.

3. Structure of the Training

This craniosacral training 2023-2025 consists of 6 course modules: One building on top of the other, and all together forming the integral course.
The courses can be booked as a whole course or individually with following options

Full training costs, modules 1-6, 4040 €
Deposit:150 € to be paid after registration (all prices below include the deposit).

Option 1
Early bird: 3,790 € for module 1-6, pay by 25.07.2023

Option 2
Full training costs: 4040 €, pay by 25.08.23

Other options, pay by modules:

Option 3
Module 1- 4: 2,750 €, pay by 20.08.2023

Option 4 (2 Modules at a time)
Module 1-2: 1,440 €, pay by 25.08.2023
Module 3-4: 1,440 €, pay by 19.04.2024
Module 5-6: 1,440 €, pay by 26.01.2025

Repeaters discount : 25% off of course fee
Additional training costs to be paid later are:
90 € for 60 min Supervision session with Elke after Module 2 and after Module 4
90 € for 60 min practical exam with Elke after Module 6

4. Booking Conditions

To register for the Craniosacral Training course, all applicants need to complete the online Registration Form.

Once you have been offered a place on the training, a non-refundable deposit
of 150 € will be due.

Your place on the course will only be confirmed once the following has been received:

  • confirmation in writing that you accept the offer of a place on the course
  • payment of the 150 € non-refundable deposit
  • signed and dated Financial Commitment form
  • signed and dated Booking Conditions form
  • signed and dated Tuition Fee invoice or Instalment Payment Plan:

In confirming acceptance of the place offered on this course, you here-by undertake responsibility for payment of the entire course fees in full, and for making payments on the specified due date(s) as per the Instalment Payment Plan.

All payments for deposits and fees to be paid in € (Euros) to:

GLS Bank
Elke Angermann
IBAN: DE92 4306 0967 7004 8982 00

5. Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount:100€ off if paid in full by 21.03.23
Repeaters discount: 25 % off of the course fee

6. Cancellation

The deposit of 150 € is non-refundable.

All cancellations need to be received in writing.

If the course is cancelled by Elke Angermann for whatever reason, her liability will be limited to the refund of deposits and any tuition fees actually paid by participants only relating to modules not yet held.  No liability shall be held to any other party, or for any other costs incurred by the participant.

 If you need to cancel, the refund policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation 4 weeks before start of the training – 100% of fee (less 150 € deposit) refunded.
  • Cancellation 2 weeks before start of the training – 50% of fee (less 150 € deposit) refunded.
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the start of the course – no refund given.

7. Seminar Location

The seminar takes place in Esslingen. Accommodation is not included in the seminar price.

8. Seminar Insurence

Based on experience, something truly unforeseen and unexpected can always happen (e.g. serious exident or sudden illness). I therefore highly recommend a seminar  insurence. You can book the  insurance e.g.with HanseMerkur, Allianz, ERV, Travelsecure, etc. The insurance covers the costs for the canceled seminar. In this way, you are financially secure for all eventualities.

9. Privacy Policy

By completing the online application form, you acknowledge and accept the privacy policy. Details and data may be collected and stored electronically to for communication purposes only. PolicyNote – You can revoke your consent at any time in the future via e-mail to info@cranio-therapie-stuttgart.de.

10. Enquiries

If you have any questions, please contact Elke by email to info@cranio-therapie-stuttgart.de.

You can also phone her on : +49(0) 15735220814.