Craniosacral Therapy Training

I teach trauma-informed Craniosacral Therapy in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany.

This training will provide you with a solid foundation in both the biomechanical and the biodynamic approaches to Craniosacral Therapy.

Recognising that stress and trauma have a big impact on most people’s systems, in this training you will develop your skills and capacity to support clients if they show signs of stress and trauma activation during the session.

In this course, you will learn the history of Craniosacral Therapy, study the anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system and learn key hand positions for working with the craniosacral method. You will study both the biomechanical and biodynamic approaches learning the difference between the two.
You will also learn the theory of shock & trauma and how it impacts a person’s system, as well as different ways to support your client as they release it in a gentle way. Additionally, we will develop your capacity to be present through mindfulness practices.

The training course beginning in October 2023 consists of 6 modules taught over a 24-month period, and is open to anybody who is interested in learning this very subtle and profound method.

The course will be given in English so participants need a good understanding of the English language in order to be accepted on the course. The number of course participants is kept low to ensure great individual attention (max. 14 participants in module 1 – 2, max. 22 participants in module 3 – 6). The number of assistance depends on the group size.

This training is particularly suitable for those who already have knowledge of medicine, body work and/or energetic work or are practitioners in these fields (e.g. physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, doctors, VortexHealing® practitioners etc.).

Your tutor

I have been practising trauma–informed Craniosacral Therapy for the last 18 years. I hold a Master Certificate in Craniosacral Therapy and I am a certified teacher with the German Association for Craniosacral Therapy (CSVD) and the School for Craniosacral Therapy Elke Angermann is also recognised by the CSVD.
I have completed numerous extra, specialised craniosacral courses over the years to deepen my knowledge of this method. As a therapist, I am also an advanced VortexHealing® practitioner, registered nurse, and yoga practitioner, and through my experience of working as a therapist for many years, I am very experienced in working with the impact of stress and trauma. You can read more about me here.

Craniosacral Therapy Training in Esslingen

This Craniosacral Training takes place in Esslingen am Neckar which is located in the Stuttgart Region of Baden-Württemberg, in southern Germany. It is located on the beautiful river Neckar, about 14 km (9 miles) southeast of Stuttgart city centre.

Training location


Seracher Straße 165
73732 Esslingen

Cranio Training Elke Angermann Stuttgart / Esslingen
Cranio Therapie Ausbildung - Elke Angermann Stuttgart (17)

Delicious Vegetarian Meals

An additional bonus on this course is the delicious vegetarian meals prepared for you by Nadi. Most dietary requirements can be catered for.


For more information or to enquire about the next upcoming training, please contact Elke by email or phone +49 (0)15735 220 814.