About Angels

I am lucky enough to be able to say that the angels have been always with me. Even though there was once a time when I had forgotten them, at the right moment, they appeared once again reminding me how they had always been there, waiting in the background.

For various cultural, historic and religious reasons common knowledge of angels is, thankfully, omnipresent in today’s culture. For many, the growing interest in spirituality that we see in today’s culture is helping to reawaken an interest in angels.

Working with angels feels easy, deep, and joyfully stimulating – so much so that i’m often at a loss for words to describe how awed I feel in their presence. One can feel their presence by their light and their love. One can perceive their energy as high-frequency, being very delicate and relaxing. Angels can touch our hearts, they can bring hope, clarity, creativity, vitality and love into our lives. They support healing and transformation and help us in particularly difficult times of our life.

Sometimes they appear on photos or videos. They were often sung. Many cannot see them, but often feel them instead. Often they come to us in unexpected moments. We ask for help and suddenly they are there. This is how it was with me. I was in India, jointly responsible for 100 yoga students and suddenly some became very ill. Although I have rarely prayed before, I started praying as a natural reaction because, apparently, there was no other help. A yoga student who was very sensitive to them drew my attention to their presence, and just like that a door opened to them inside and I could feel my clear connection to them.

What can Angel healing help with?

Angels can give us help and support in life transitions (birth, kindergarten, school, university, finding a profession/vocation, but also with separation, loss etc.). With their help, lessons in life can be understood much easier.

To speak from my personal experience I can say that the angels are able to support us in every situation in life (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) if we want this. Everything that had a powerful impact on us can be processed and overcome in a lighter way with the help of the angels.

Angels also help in any “grief and loss” process. Death can be seen as a transition. Angels help in this challenging time through the mourning as well as the realisation that death and life are part of the same repeating cycle.

Angels give us hope!

Hope is particularly important our present age. Anyone who is full of hope radiates joy. They reach for what comes. Hope goes one a robust constitution, more inner stability and fills us with vitality. Hope helps us to stand up and to gives us internal tonicity. Hope creates inner space for development and facilitates internal maturation and a graceful unfolding of one’s healing process.

How does it work?

In a Angel Healing session I connect to the angels and their realm. Angelic energies flow through my hands. During this process their energy is also present in the whole room. During this process once can choose to ask them to work on a present issue or a former discussed issue or physical problem.

During a healing session with angel-energy the client can be lightly touched. If requested the treatment can also take place without any touch.

Through my deep connection to the angels and the angelic realm, I have received a blueprint in my energy-system-field that enables me to transform stuck and problematic energies for healing in a unique way. Transformation is often undergone at different levels within the system to facilitate one’s process of coming to terms with a painful situation in order to see it from a new point of view and a clearer perspective. This allows one to experience the same situation in a different way. Courage is needed to face these kinds of diverse situations in life, but facing one’s issues in this way helps to ultimately free one from them. The angels come through with the intention to help us through this process.

Every session is different. The angels are very creative in their work. They force nothing. It is more a “let it happen” in time lapse according to client’s needs.