Craniosacral therapy is also able to offer even more

Craniosacral therapy for challenging situations

Craniosacral body work can also be used for life situations. If we are not able to react appropriately regarding a challenging situation (e.g. a natal process, an operation, an accident) tensions may remain in the nervous system. If no self-regularisation takes place, these tensions can manifest into uncomfortable symptoms later on.

Process physically stressful experiences through Cranio

The Craniosacral work intends to bring blocked energy into a flow again, to solve bonding in the connective tissues and to stimulate the organism on a physical level in adjusting itself. The craniosacral work also helps to increase free movement of the brain. According to the founders of craniosacral therapy, relaxation and vitality are achieved when the brain and spinal cord have ample space to exist in. Having this open up in one’s body can be experienced like a rebirth and it can lead to life lessons being understood and better integrated.

Child, 3 1/2 years old.  Born by cesarian.

During the session the little boy experiences the time in the womb and later his birth anew.

He obviously enjoys the process and the ‘extra’ time in the womb

More about process work

During sessions of Craniosacral Process Work babies, children and adults can re-experience time in the womb or their own birth.The goal of these special sessions is to release fears around the birth process and to experience our own birth in a new and positive way. This is also deeply connected to, and symbolic of, how we feel and respond in times of great transition/change in our life. The new experience of birthing can then act as a ‘good start to life’ and provide a foundation that gives us strength on many levels; emotional, mental and physical.