Craniosacral Residential Training

How to get there

Venue address:

Götzensteinstraße 43
69509 Mörlenbach-Vöckelsbach

Coming by car:

Advice on driving and routes to take or avoid are coming soon.

Coming from abroad:

The best airport to fly into is Frankfurt (M) Flughafen in Germany.

From there train connections to Weinheim(Bergstr.)Hbf.,This takes about 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 mins depending on which train you take.
See further details below.

Please note that the Fly and Rail options with your airline are not always the best price for rail travel – you will need to check this yourself. 

Coming by train:

Find suitable train connections to  Weinheim (Bergstr.) Hbf,
Here is a link you can use for checking your connections:

From there take a train to Mörlenbach. You can then, either take a taxi from the station to the venue (15€), or we can pick you from Mörlenbach (see below).
If the connection from Weinheim to Mörlenbach is not very convenient we maybe able to pick you up inWeinheim(Bergstr.)Hbf. Again please arrange this ahead of time if possible.

For pick ups: Please let me know your arrival times in advance, and where possible, I  will pick you up or organize somebody to pick you up. Please take a taxi otherwise.

Further train info:

For those wishing to book train tickets in advance, please note that you will not be able to do so until after 27th April 2019.
A flexible ticket, where you can travel on any connection, currently costs 17,50€.
I personally recommend flexible tickets in case of any delays or changes.
There is a lower cost train (the Flixtrain from Frankfurt South to Weinheim) but at the moment it only runs in the evening on the 23rd October (not during the day).

Currently there is a train on the 28th October from Weinheim to Frankfurt South at 15:33pm. This is fast and low cost (5€) train that takes 39 mins.
From Frankfurt South to the airport the trains take approximately 10-14 mins, and cost from  8€-14€ depending on the timings.

Returning Home

If I may suggest, I recommend that you wait until we know who is coming and what are the group leaving plans before organising your return train tickets to the airport. However please choose what works best for you.