During a craniosacral therapy session you lie comfortably in loose clothes on a treatment couch.

During the treatment my hands sense the craniosacral rhythm, palpable in the whole body. Doing so, I go forward very carefully, allowing the “breath of the life” to be felt, and thereby encouraging the innate ability of the craniosacral fluid to begin to self adjust as per the needs of your unique body and system. My hands and my presence are the communication tools that facility this process.

During the treatment your body tissue, the membranes and even the bones start to ‘remember’ a deeper state of health and healing. In this way your body intelligence is able to correct itself from the inside out.

Sometimes I accompany the treatment with words, inviting you deeper into your own bodily perception and awareness. And sometimes a treatment takes place in silence. Both ways are beneficial for your whole system in different ways, and can help you to deeply relax.

Every treatment is individual – your body intelligence provides the plan of treatment.